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Fatigue Risk Services

Use our knowledge gained over 40 years for consultancy, training courses and applied research for your organisation

We support clients across the world with their fatigue risk management needs. Our world class experts create, manage and monitor all aspects of workforce fatigue on behalf of our clients.

fatigue hazards

Implement your own FRMS

Our experts guide your team to improve workforce alertness and implement an effective fatigue risk management system.

Conduct applied research studies

We can support you to conduct operational studies, or undertake them on your behalf, to support unusual working patterns.


Get help to judge your risk appetite

Risk appetite is specific to your organisation. Learn how to approach risk, make informed decisions and work with regulators.

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car accidents are 4 times more likely

Learn how to approach fatigue risk management with our training courses

Get advice on how to successfully manage risk and set your risk appetite

Learn how to get the best from our models to identify fatigue hazards

Our Services


Fatigue risk management is a complex area. Our experts will help you with all aspects of its design, assessment, implementation and monitoring.

Training Courses

Our training teaches how an organisation can successfully manage their fatigue risk using relevant policies, processes and tools.

Research Services

Our research services allow our clients to extend operations, implement new patterns of working or implement fatigue risk management into new occupational groups.

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