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Fatigue risk management in shift work reduces errors, improves productivity and staff wellbeing.

Our expertise helps you assess and manage occupational fatigue across shift work industries.

Occupational fatigue is one of the most overlooked health conditions because of a lack of awareness. Assessing and managing the risks from shift patterns can be complex. FRMSc have tools and services to help resolve such issues.

Fatigue results in slower reactions, reduced ability to process information, memory lapses, absent-mindedness, micro-sleeps, decreased awareness, lack of attention, underestimation of risk and reduced coordination. These conditions lead to an increased risk of on-the-job incidents.


Data based decision making

Clients are better in control of their fatigue risk decision-making with our evidence-based fatigue risk processes, training and models.

Learning from best practice

Use our cross-cutting industry knowledge to implement tailored practical, industry relevant solutions to your fatigue management.

fatigue hazards

Continuous and auditable monitoring

FRMS development and implementation are supported with auditable outputs to better support the management your organisation.

Our world class team provides occupational fatigue management services to shift work industries worldwide.


Helping identify and measure your shiftwork fatigue hazard

UK Government's Health and Safety Executive encourages the planning, assessment and mitigation of shift work and fatigue risk.

Our experts will work with you to align your requirements and challenges with an effective, aligned fatigue risk management system that reduces risk, improves productivity and staff wellbeing to meet local regulations


Managing occupational fatigue in your operations through our training courses

We provide training to senior managers, operations and safety departments, and employee groups and to effectively manage fatigue and implement countermeasures.

Learn from our 40+ years of research and operational experience of managing fatigue from a scientific and a regulatory perspective.


Deploying our industry-leading tools to help you manage your occupational fatigue

Our tools support safety managers and shift work planners to compare differing shift patterns to identify and manage fatigue risk.

Our tools can be connected with your rostering systems to provide productive, fast, effective and real-time assessment of fatigue risk.

Our FRI+ and FRI-PRO models provide fast, cloud based fatigue assessment of shift worker rosters

Biomathematical models

Our proven fatigue model specifically designed for shift work complements regulatory guidance.

Our FRI+ and FRIPRO models are enhanced versions of the Fatigue Risk Index, now unsupported by the UK HSE.
Our FRI suite is scalable and integrates with rostering software, providing robust and validated fatigue analysis.
FRIPRO provides enhanced analysis and insights ideally suited to the needs fatigue and safety managers, connecting to our HARVEST analytics package.

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