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A portfolio of tools to identify levels of fatigue risk and explore strategies to improve workforce productivity and safety.

FRMSc supplies a range of world class biomathematical models and data collection tools to operators, regulators and unions.

fatigue hazards

Validated biomathematical models

A portfolio of biomathematical models that are validated by targeted scientific studies of the occupation holder such as airline pilot, cabin crew, locomotive driver and signaller

Sophisticated data collection tools

iOS and Android based apps connected to Apple Watches that are pre-populated with employee schedules making data collection simple.


Data analytics

The HARVEST data analytics package helps the FRM manager access specific hi-resolution metrics, charts and reports.

Our Products

Introduction to the FRMSc Software Suite

SAFE, which stands for System for Aircrew Fatigue Evaluation, is a predictive fatigue model originally designed to understand the fatigue levels in aircrew. It was later enhanced to provide detailed fatigue levels in pilots for commercial, business, cargo, and air taxi operations. SAFE predicts fatigue and duty risk of pilots and is used to assess both fatigue and operational risks in pilot schedules. It has been successfully used for investigating incidents and accidents, as well as for aircrew and student education.

CARE, which stands for Cabin crew Alertness and Rest Evaluation, is a biomathematical fatigue model specifically designed for cabin crew. It is the only model of its kind developed and validated for the unique demands of cabin crew. CARE has been developed and validated with original research studies to identify and measure the unique demands of cabin crew. It enables variable cabin crew workload to be included in the fatigue risk profiling and predicts sleep patterns, allowing rapid roster assessment. Additionally, CARE supports ‘what if’ scenarios, enabling modifications of parameters to evaluate different scenarios for the effect on fatigue and risk.

FRI, which stands for Fatigue Risk Index, is a standard adopted for the UK rail industry, aligning with RSSB and Network Rail regulations for fatigue risk management across all staff and subcontractors. It has been provided to clients for over 10 years and is assessed to be the most comprehensive fatigue and risk model available by the UK Rail Safety and Standards Board.

FRI+ is an enhanced version of the original FRI model. It has been improved to provide identical outputs as the original version but with a significantly improved interface, increased schedule capacity, a more robust approach, and a better user experience. FRI+ uses updated algorithms and user interfaces on a powerful cloud hosting platform to provide a better and faster experience while maintaining the same industry-accepted fatigue and relative risk metrics of the unsupported HSE version of FRI.

Harvest is a powerful analytics package designed to help professional fatigue managers oversee and investigate fatigue hazards. It provides detailed analysis of fatigue and operational risk from models, assisting managers in identifying areas of concern and tracking management progress using data from the models. Harvest complements and enhances the analysis of rosters, fatigue drivers, and Safety Performance Indicators from biomathematical models. It supports the analysis of individual, sub-populations, and entire organizations.

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