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Fatigue management in the rail industry is well established. Our advice and tools support rail operators and their supply chain in effective implementation.

FRMSc has worked with the rail industry for decades. Our industry-leading solutions have been widely adopted by operators and regulators.

Fatigue risk management for safety critical staff have been present for decades in many countries, yet fatigue remains a major contributor to accidents. FRMS processes and models have supported identification of fatigue risks and hazards in occupational groups including drivers, signallers and trackside workers.

In late 2022, in addition to existing reguatory requirements, the UK’s Network Rail introduced a requirement that all subcontractors across the entire supply chain must report their fatigue levels.


Align with industry best practice

FRMSc supports operators implementing FRMS with the required biomathematical models, training and advice.

Proactive continuously monitoring

FRMSc solutions allow rail companies to demonstrate continuous improvement and undertake real-time roster analysis for fatigue risk.