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Our powerful analytics package to help the professional fatigue managers to oversee and investigate fatigue hazards

HARVEST is our powerful analytics package providing detailed analysis of fatigue and operational risk from our models.

HARVEST assists the professional managers to identify areas of concern and track management progress using data from our models. HARVEST complements and enhances the analysis of rosters, fatigue drivers and Safety Performance Indicators from our biomathematical models.  It support the analysis of individual, sub-populations and entire organisations. The outputs from HARVEST are used to support comparisons between time periods, fatigue safety investigations and reporting to Fatigue Safety Advisory Groups.

Consolidated and detailed fatigue analytics...

aviation specific

Safety Performance Indicators

Customisable SPIs relevant to each subgroup of your organisation

easy to use

Model integration

Cloud-based and integrates with the FRMSc suite of models.

fast and flexible

Investigative analysis

Enables detailed analysis to understand drivers of fatigue at an individual, crew and organisational level.


Complete schedule overview

Established reporting metrics using a database of model analyses to provide a comprehensive view of fatigue risk across the enterprise.

Executive dashboard

Configurable dashboard view enables SPIs and other metrics to be incorporated into organisation safety risk registers and balanced scorecards.

Intuitive design

Common user interface with our models for ease of use and supports exporting of data for reporting.

Did you know...

$3m per year is saved

by one of our clients by implementing their FRMS with our SAFE model

Industry-leading models with powerful analytics

HARVEST provides valuable insights to analyse the drivers and mitigation strategies for your fatigue risk management system.

HARVEST connects easily and automatically with our fatigue models giving you detailed insights into your scheduling, crew management or rostering systems.

Through HARVEST, planners can gain unparalleled insights into drivers of fatigue in an individual roster, through to full analysis across an occupational group, crew, location and across multiple work patterns. By creating sub populations, the user can identify and track trends and areas where improvements can be made.

Our easily accessible SPI metrics can be used out of the box to provide relevant intelligence as well as providing the capability for SPIs unique to your reporting requirements.

Using the dashboard and SPI metrics, reports can be exported to satisfy auditing and senior executive reporting.

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