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Tools & Apps

Collecting real-world data to support and augment your FRMS and models

Our research toolkit includes surveys, equipment and apps to enable field-based data collection from individuals to support FRMS and regulatory compliance.

Our models are built from the world’s largest and most comprehensive database of fatigue studies. To augment this dataset and continue development, we use our research data collection tools and app to collect information from individuals undertaking their duties.

These link roster schedules with objective and subjective data collection methods to provide a comprehensive picture of an individual’s activities, alertness and sleep patterns.

Tools supporting high quality research

aviation specific

Peripheral integration

Data collected from actiwatches, surveys, Apple Watch and Health apps to create a complete dataset.

easy to use

Validated methodology

Uses validated and well-established metrics to record activity and fatigue patterns.

fast and flexible

Model integration

Configuration is fast and supports exporting of rosters from our models to improve user experience.


Analytics platform

Cohort data is consolidated in our analytics platform to enable detailed analysis.

One app

Our app has been used to collect data across a range of industries and occupational groups with tailored interfaces.

Predictive comparison

Consolidated data can be compared against predicted output of our models to demonstrate validation, sensitivity and specificity of the model.

FRMSc Data Collection App

Our app provides a fast efficient way to collect data about an individual's activities, sleep, fatigue status and performance levels. Uploaded rosters can be pushed to the individuals' app from our models.

Using established, validated collection methods, our app enables organisations to collate data about working patterns and operations that can be used to both confirm fatigue levels in specific routes or justify the safety of working outside normal operational parameters.

Our data collection techniques have been used to support extensions of aviation operating models for Ultra Long Haul flights, emergency operations, such as Search and Rescue, and Cabin Crew and business jets. In addition to providing supporting evidence in other shift-work industries.

Data collected is used by clients and incorporated into our datasets to enable the operating parameters to be extended.

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