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Uniquely designed for cabin crew

CARE (Cabin crew Alertness and Rest Evaluation) is our biomathematical fatigue model for cabin crew. It is the only model of its kind developed and validated for the demands of cabin crew.

CARE has been developed and validated with original research studies to identify and measure the unique demands of cabin crew.

Cabin Crew represent the airline when interfacing with passengers and are responsible for customer care during a flight. They have a vital role in emergency situations to manage passenger safety. Effective management of their fatigue has implications for passenger safety, morale and overall passenger satisfaction.

Variations in rest periods and rest accommodation, the higher physical demands of the job as well as workload driven by passenger behaviour, mean that cabin crew have a unique fatigue profile.

The CARE model provides relevant analyses on which to base decision making when both constructing schedules for flight attendants and analysing after-the-fact incidents.

CARE's capability enables you to predict fatigue based on the specific demands of working as cabin crew, accounting for factors including:
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CARE for those who care for your clients...

aviation specific

Aviation specific

Validated specifically for cabin crew in the aviation industry and built on the foundations of the industry leading SAFE model.

easy to use

Easy to use

Works with few inputs. Supports augmented flights, in flight rest data, in-duty rest periods for split shifts and different passenger groups

fast and flexible

Fast & flexible

Accommodates time zone travel, circadian rhythm changes and cumulative fatigue. Predicts sleep patterns and allows rapid roster assessment. 



Supports ‘what if’ scenarios: enabling  modifications of parameters to evaluate different scenarios for the effect on fatigue and risk.

Clear, direct problem solving

Hazards are easy to identify and possible solutions can be tested in support of incident and accident investigation.

Cost effective

CARE is an inexpensive way of identifying hazards in large datasets.

Standalone or API interface
CARE can be accessed as a standalone platform with rosters uploaded using the CARE data template or integrated into your roster software with our API for automated analysis of your rosters.
Assess Planned or Actual Rosters
CARE can be used to model fatigue and risk for your actual rosters every time they are changed as well as assessing fatigue risk profiles for planned rosters
Proactive analysis of new operations
Our customers use CARE as part of the planning stages for introducing new operations. This can include new routes, new schedules or new operations.
Fatigue Report Investigation
Post incident rosters can be analysed in CARE to understand the contribution of fatigue. This includes the ability to tune an individual schedule to consider actual sleep and activity data.
Real-time roster analysis
On-demand commercial flight services require a flexible approach to rostering and dynamic fatigue assessment. Through our scalable cloud infrastructure, high-demand re-rostering can be accommodated for fast, effective analysis.
On-board sleep modelling
CARE supports modification of crew composition, and configurable sleep periods and accommodation to predict fatigue.
Workload adaptation
Cabin crew experience variations in workload due to factors such as passenger profiles, medical emergencies, attention and workload requirements. CARE enables variable cabin crew workload to be included in the fatigue risk profiling.
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Using CARE

CARE has been built on the same successful foundation and platform as our SAFE model. It integrates directly with SAFE, providing consistent user interfaces, reports and analysis.

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As the only fatigue and risk model specifically for cabin crew, CARE is the go-to tool for operators who want to ensure their FRMS fully extends across all flight crew.

CARE requires a very small number of inputs to assess the likely fatigue and returns a score every 15 minutes of duty. Data can be input manually, bulk uploaded or through an API from your rostering and crew solutions software.

CARE is cloud-based and integrates directly with rostering software. It has capacity to upload tens of thousands of schedules, calculating fatigue scores every 15 minutes throughout each duty period. It identifies fatigue hazards and provides tools to model mitigation strategies. 

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