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Managing clinician fatigue risk reduces errors in patient care and improves clinician wellbeing.

Our world class expertise helps healthcare organisations implement best practice fatigue risk management.

Healthcare workers are unproductive and at breaking point due to staff shortages and overwork. Clinician fatigue is well documented, leading to increases in accidents and affecting patient care. Doctors, nurses and allied health professionals all suffer from fatigue, and this has impact on their own wellbeing as well as the patients they care for.

High profile cases have highlighted the risks of post-shift road traffic accidents due to fatigue. Sustained fatigue is also blamed for poor staff morale and wellbeing, leading to burnout. FRMSc are supporting the UK NHS in their #fightfatigue campaign to raise awareness of the effects of occupational fatigue and how it can be addressed.


Increasing patient safety

 We can help organisations implement proactive fatigue risk management processes that benefit patient safety. 

Promoting best practice

 Our expertise can support healthcare organisations to implement FRMS using best practice from other safety-critical industries.

fatigue hazards

Looking after healthcare workers

Our solutions can help organisations understand their fatigue risk, enabling board-level consideration of risk to staff and operations.

Internationally recognised expertise in reducing occupational fatigue risk


Identify, measure and address your healthcare fatigue risk

Excessive fatigue compromises patient safety and the wellbeing of clinicians. Cases of loss of life due to clinical errors and post-shift road traffic accidents are reported.

Our fatigue risk experts provide guidance on managing the risk of becoming fatigued, its consequences and tools that predict fatigue levels and risks of operational incidents.


Helping staff to recognise, manage and report fatigue

Understanding the effects of occupational fatigue is a responsibility across the entire organisation.

Learn from our 40+ years of research and operational experience of managing fatigue and implementing systems from a scientific and a best practice perspective to ensure fatigue risk awareness is fully considered and addressed.


Using sophisticated tools and processes help to identify and manage staff fatigue

Occupational fatigue is not just an occupational health issue. Use our world-class tools to identify and manage fatigue hazards in rosters.

Take practical steps to identify and manage your healthcare worker fatigue, demonstrate care for staff and patients welfare and reduce the risk of incidents occurring.

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